December 14, 2010 Devotional

Hischild 214 Ministry

December 14, 2010 

2 Corinthians 8:13

Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality.

Please read 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

This is going to be the last devotional of 2010. I want us all to concentrate on the last two weeks of the year celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with our family; not glued to a computer reading something I send out.

This year I want to end with a slight hint of what we will be studying next year, and that is the poor who are among us. Why am I concentrating one year on the poor? That is because there are a lot of misconceptions on who the poor are and how it is we should minister and care for them. In fact, in the past two years this country has pretty much battled over what they feel is the best way to take care of the poor, and the division this created is becoming greater. I have no intentions on helping that division along. It is my intention to help us bride the division and I am going to use the Word of God to do that.

There is a lot that God has to say about the poor. God wants us to care for them and teach them how to depend on Him. We cannot do that when we make them dependent upon us for survival. God actually has a lot of suggestions and we just need to know them, accept them and follow them. If we did that then there would be less in the poor class. We cannot eliminate the poor but we can drastically cut down the number who are in that class. This is what God wants us to do, commands us to do and what we fail to do.

One of the reasons we fail is mentioned in today’s verse, and that is we are afraid that helping the poor will deplete our own financial resources. I can understand that fear for at times it is one of mine, especially when I hear what this country’s deficit is at and the ideas some politicians think are solutions. Well, taking care of the poor by becoming poor yourself is not what God wants when He asks you to help them. God is the one who is giving you plenty and it is from that plenty that He wants you to give.

This year that is coming, I want us all to learn to live within our means. I want us all to become a lot more generous with our overage. I want us to take care of the poor. I do not want to just give to the poor because that is what causes dependence. No, this year I want us all to learn how to take care of the poor, and the only way we can do that is to teach them how to take care of themselves. If we give a poor man our leftover dinner he shall eat today. If we take the time to give the man the resources to provide for himself, he shall eat every day. If you were poor what would you want?

As we end this year with our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, let us all be mindful of what this celebration actually means. Jesus, who is the Son of God, left His high position and came down off His throne so that He can be placed inside a human mother and be born of man. He humbled Himself and became human and poor to teach us and to save us. We are experts on how to be saved; we are seriously flawed at teaching and taking care of one another.

This is Christmas, Lord, and as this year ends I have to admit that I failed to take care of the poor and needy. I gave what I wanted and not from a cheerful heart, but a heart that was frightened that if I gave too much then I would have nothing. How foolish that thinking is for You are the provider of all I have and it isn’t really from my resources but from Yours that I do give, and that means then I shall never run low or out. Forgive me Jesus, and teach me how to care for my brothers and sisters in this world. This I do pray in your Holy and Precious Name, Jesus Christ.

In His Love,

Michele Beck


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