April 4, 2011

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:28 NIV



April 4, 2011

You may not know this but there are over 27 million people who are slaves today. Every year 2 million from that group are children sold specifically for the sex trade. Three hundred thousand Untied States children are sold to the sex trade. The others come from countries like Asia and Latin America. This sex trade business is booming, and growing here in our country and can be easily viewed with the click of our mouse. Do not think that only pedophiles watch children having sex. Any person under the age of 18 is a child and many porn sights have teen age girls. Do not think that only children are sold for sex, men but mostly women are sold as well.

I am going to move slowly here and take my time as I talk about slavery and the sex trade. I realize that a lot of you may already be aware of the sex trade. What I want to do is point out how stories of sex slaves are as old as the Bible and as current as today. We like to think that the person who views porn sights are those who are sexually depraved. Yet studies show that many professionals such as, doctors, lawyers, government officials, teachers, coaches and pastors support that industry.  A little less than half of that group is women. There are groups and organizations that speak out, inform us, blow the whistle on and try to teach us the truth about this industry. We hear the reports and then we file it away in our “Gosh that is awful” file of our brain. That is why I want to move slowly.

I don’t want to shock or nor bombard us but I do want to inform us and I want to talk about slavery and I want to serve those who are slaves well by telling their story honestly and efficiently. I want us to be a Church that meets this awful human sin head on and do something about it. When you think of the poor I want you to look with eyes wide open so you can see all the poor. The ones in slavery are bought and sold for various reasons. We are going to discuss those reasons but again, I will be moving slowly. I want to do this justice so that I do them justice. That is all I want to do.

Lord God, how hard it is for us to hear that 27 million people are slaves when we just complained about our Latte’ not being made correctly. We really have no clue how fortunate we are to live in our nice snug homes and to have so many luxuries around us. Forgive us Father for we know not what we do. This I pray in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


In His love

Michele Beck


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