May 2, 2011

For he has oppressed the poor and left them destitute; he has seized houses he did not build.

Job 20:19

May 2, 2011

One of the biggest lies you will ever hear is: “I am from the government and I am here to help you.” But then I don’t have to tell you, after all, most of you already knew this. I mean how crafty of them to take people who live in impoverished neighborhoods and get them fully dependent on welfare by not educating them. How crafty for them to come up with a Health Care Reform that they are forcing on us while they make sure they are exempt from it. How crafty to tell young first-time home buyers they will help them only their help is a high percentage loan. What am I talking about?

A few years ago when my daughter and her husband bought a house they were offered this wonderful deal from the government. President Obama was new in his position and he wanted to jump start America. He appealed for first-time young buyers to purchase a house and get $8000.00. Most lenders had no clue what it was or how it worked. They just knew that they could take this money, apply it towards the down payment and entice young buyers. It worked; Chantel and Matthias bought a house in Plainfield. Then last year something very strange showed up on their taxes. The IRS has begun to take out money from their return to pay back this money. After a lot of calls and research the two of them found out that this money they received has a mandatory 15-year payback. This is something that the lending institute failed to convey to them when they accepted the money.

Now on top of their mortgage and when they thought they would get money back from their taxes, they learn that money is paying back the grant they were told was a buying incentive, but never were they told it was a loan. As soon as homeowners started to understand this information was fully disclosed and the following year the government offered the grant again, but this time, no one has to pay it back. The only ones who have to pay back the money are those who accepted the grant the first year. How could this be? Well, the majority of the homebuyers who used this was from the lower end of middle class and needed this incentive to buy the home. They were targeted, and you can argue it was from the government or it was from the financial institutions, and I will say it is from both. They both knew what they were offering and held back just enough information to snag them. Now how does that affect America?

Chantel and Matthias live in Plainfield. From their front door they can see 5 houses that have foreclosure signs in the front lawn. Twice Chantel has witnessed the police go into a home and remove the items in the house and dump them on the front lawn. At one house the residents actually sat outside weeks before the police arrived and had a “house sale.” The owners would allow people to come into the house and buy what they liked. When the police moved their stuff to the lawn they just grabbed what they wanted and left.

Today’s verse is from the Book of Job and this is one of his friends who is talking about the evil that is done to the poor. It just fits so perfectly here. You see, when you have young couples who need a helping hand and it is offered, they are not savvy enough to know that if the hand that is extending the help is from the government, then they should refuse it. They should refuse it because we know just from following along in the devotional this year that our government really does not want to help those who are lower income or poor. They want to trap them and they do, through poor education and systems that put them further into debt and more dependent on them.

What can the church do about this? Well, we can’t sit back and be silent any longer. We need to start sharing this information to the young married couples and we have to tell them to be wary of anything that sounds like a good deal, because if it sounds too good to be true and it is from our government, then it is not true. We do need to “jump start America,” but do we want to do that by leap-frogging over those less fortunate?

Father, there is a lot that is wrong with this country and honestly I am heartsick over all the times the lower class and poor are taken advantage of. Please Father, show us how to stop this, how to change this and how to help those who really do need our help. This I pray in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


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