May 9, 2011-Mother’s Day Devotional

“What a lioness was your mother among the lions! She lay down among the young lions and reared her cubs.”

Ezekiel 19:1b NIV

May 9, 2011

Lord God, I thank You and praise You for You have filled my heart with joy overflowing, the day my Lord, You made me a mother. In the precious Name of Jesus, I lift my praise up to You. Amen.

I love to watch my granddaughters play. They remind me of their mothers. From the time they can crawl they do so with a baby doll in their arms. They love being a mommy to their babies and they hold them, rock them, feed them, kiss them and put them to bed. They bring their babies to me to kiss and hold. I remember when their mommies were young and they played the same way. Now they aren’t playing, now they know what it is like to be a real mommy. It’s not what they thought it would be, it never is.

We start out so starry-eyed and determined to do the best we can with these little lives. We take inventory of all the mistakes our parents made and vow not to repeat them. We read the new books, we watch the best shows and we subscribe to the latest magazines. We do all that we can to succeed at this auspicious career of motherhood. Then something crazy happens to that dream. We take the baby home from the hospital.

We learn quickly that our newborn hates their home. They must, they cry the entire time they are in it. They do, however, love the car. Any other living thing in the house–cat, dog, will keep their distance from this wailing human. When they aren’t crying they are making a huge mess and it is amazing how something so small can create an odor such as that. We change them, feed them, burp them and rock them and they have the audacity to complain. The first time they sleep through the night we learn again how to thank God for life. The introduction to food is amusing at first. We laugh and video record their scrunched up faces. That fades quickly as we try our hardest to hide protein and vegetables in the fruit. How can anything that has no clue they are separate from you, know when you stick a pea in their mouth?

We are relieved when we see them walk; most of us believe that they will be brain damaged from their falls when trying to stand. We spend the next few months really enjoying this toddler, and the closer they get to two the more we realize that love is not an emotion but an option. They learned the word “no” and use it in defiance. Moving them from the crib to a bed puts you on high alert as you realize your child is nocturnal. Potty training becomes a test of endurance and they don’t earn their potty treats but you give them one to stop them from crying. When you check the calendar and realize you are pregnant again you experience mixed feelings. On one hand you are excited; you foolishly believe you will do better with this child. On the other hand you are realistic and know if this continues you and your husband will be outnumbered. The day that toddler turns 16 they will want to drive your car. After giving them the complete “Do Not Do” list you give them your keys. One hour after they were supposed to be home, your knees are sore from being on them in prayer as you begged God to return them to you safely. In they come, flippant with their responses. We smile, and silently pray to God a prayer every mother knows, “Lord God, I do ask that You give to my child, a child who is just as rebellious as they are now.” God honors that prayer.

Now as much as our child stretches and tests us, mothers love their children with a fierceness that only other mothers can truly understand. Mothers are sweet, loving, gentle, kind, generous, selfless, and compassionate. However, should anyone be stupid enough to threaten her child, the lioness in her will come out. Heaven help the fool who tries to hurt our babies. With a single swipe we can knock the offender away. That is who we are, that is how God made us. We would not want it any other way.

I love being a grandma, and I think what I love the most about it is watching my babies with their babies. I love to see the tender way they love and care for their children. I pray the mother lioness never has to come out of them but I know this world is fallen. I am confident that when the day comes my daughters will be lionesses and move swiftly to protect her cubs. After all, it was a lioness who trained them.

In His love,

Michele Beck


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