July 23, 2011

They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice
their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded, nor did it enter
My mind, that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.

Jeremiah 32:35


July 23, 2011

devotional is late in coming. I should have posted it on July 11th
but a kink in my life caused me to delay the printing. I am putting it up today
and I want you to know that starting Monday I will letting you all know just
what happened.

In today’s
verse God is speaking to the prophet Jeremiah, and He is referring to a time
when His people were swayed by the sins of the other nations and did all the
detestable things that they did. One of those detestable things was sacrificing
children. Two weeks ago, the devotional I wrote was on the most oppressed
humans on earth, the unborn. Today I would like to speak to you about the group
that I feel comes after them and that is children.

According to
the Child Help web page, “there are 3 million cases of child abuse reported
each year. In 2007, approximately 5.8 million children were involved in 3.2
million child abuse reports and allegations.”[1]
They go on to tell us that about 5 children per day will die from child abuse
and most of those children (3 out of 5) are under the age of 4. If a child is
sexually abused it is 90% likely they knew the perpetrator and in 68% of the
cases it was a family member.

I want you
to know that this subject of child abuse causes me to be the most ungodly. I
hear a story of abuse and right away I scream, “death penalty.”  I have zero tolerance for any person who
abuses a child. Then someone will remind me that we are all sinners and fall
short from the grace of God and even the offender has the right to be forgiven
by God and live in heaven. I agree, no one is out of God’s reach and every
person does have the right to come to God, even those whom we find the most
despicable. I go to God in prayer all the time about this and ask Him to help
me please sort this out. Then days like today, in the middle of the prayer I
get this urge in me to stand up and shout.

God is
loving, and this is true. God desires for all of us to come to heaven and He
knows not all will and the ones who are lost do belong to Him. God desires a
repentant heart out of all of us and He wants us to forgive others for He has
forgiven us and all our sins. God also wants us, His Church, to get up and stop
the abuse being committed against children. We need to insist upon and enforce
stricter penalties. We need to hold the powers above us responsible for letting
the abusers out of jail and back into society. We need to educate children in
school and teach them to speak out if someone is hurting them. Then we need to
invest in their counseling and allow them the time and space to work all that
abuse out. If we don’t, then this is what we will get:

  • 60% of people in drug rehabilitation
    centers report being abused as a child.
  • 30% of those who were abused will
    grow up and abuse their own children.
  • 80% of all those age 21 meet criteria
    for at least one psychological disorder.
  • 25% experience teen pregnancy.
  • 14% of males in prison were abused.
  • 36% of women in prison were abused.
  • An abused child has a 59% greater
    risk of being arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an
    adult and 30% more likely to commit a violent crime.

All of this
currently costs the taxpayers $104 billion dollars a year. Now think of how
much of this can be saved if we insist on stiffer punishments and we get the
abused child in to counseling when they are still young, after the damage is
done and not after they are fully grown causing damage on their own.

This is how
I feel and this is what I really think is the full responsibility of the Church
of God. I believe that God is just as disgusted as I am in all the abuse
committed against children. I realize that I am bombarding you with a lot of
people who need our help, but seriously there is a lot of people who need our
help and children make up the large percentage. They are those at greatest risk
for: death in the womb, abuse both physical and sexual, slavery for armies and
violence, or sex trade. Children are being sacrificed by the pagans and godless,
and when we remain quiet about it I do think God finds our silence detestable.

I pray He
forgives us.




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