August 29, 2011

Let everything that
breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6


August 29, 2011

I don’t always feel like praising God. There are times like
yesterday when I felt like screaming at God and I did. Something occurred and
let us just say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. My daughter
Chantel, God bless her soul, called and talked me off the ledge. After I hung
up with her I went to my room and I picked up my journal and wrote a few pages
out to God. I told Him I have reached my end. I was throwing up the white flag
and surrendering.

I know all of you reading this understand what I am saying.
You have been there yourself at times when you just stop, look up to heaven and
think, “What is next?” This is the way Satan wears us down and tries to pull us
away from God. So I ask, should we let the devil win? Have you ever read the
story of Job? If not may I suggest this book. Not only do we learn that Job was
the devil’s target but we also learn his friends were some of the harshest
judges he would face on this earth. Here is a man who lost all of his children
and his possessions and his health was failing. His friends come who judge him
a sinner and deserving of his fate, and tell him that God is Sovereign.

The men are right about one thing, God is Sovereign. It is
that Sovereign God who is so highly exalted that is also Emmanuel, God with us.
The God who loves us gave to us His only Son. That God is the God to whom I was
appealing. That is the same God Job appealed to. This is the God you appeal to.
So here is what I have to say about that God.

That God let me have my fit. He allowed me the space I
needed to write down my complaint. He stood there and patiently listened to me
cry and ask and cry some more. Then as I ran out of energy a new surge came
through. The Holy Spirit was there picking me up. This comes from the prayers
of the saints who pray for me continually. Then before I knew it my words were
praising God and thanking God for the day, for my husband, for our lives, and
even for all the troubles I have to endure on top of everything that is
involved in taking care of Gary. I thanked God because every one of those
troubles pushed me right back into His arms. Every hard day I had with Gary I
was in God’s arms. Everything that makes me cry makes me run to God. Now if you
ask me where I would like to be at all times I will tell you, in God’s arms.

You see, my siblings in Christ, this is why I can praise
God. This is why you can praise God.

We can live our entire life and still not make every day
happen just as we want it to. We can try but we can’t make people like us or
even be nice to us. We can try but we cannot change a lot of things that occur
to us. What we can do is just run to God and stay there in His arms and wait
for the storm to pass. This is what God calls us to do. His arms wait for us
and He loves to hold us close to Him. This is why He chose to be Emmanuel.

Let everything that
breathes praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

In His love,

Michele Beck


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