January 24, 2012

Take a moment out of this day and think about all that God forgives you for. Do not focus on what sins others have committed just think of your own. Ask God to reveal to you all your sins. If you are honest with this, you will quickly discover just how often you sin. You may even be appalled at yourself. That is good, that is what I want to happen. I want us today to stop and think about all the sins we commit, those we do willingly and those we do without thought. Those we do in action and those we do in our minds. All the sins written down and then I want you to remember that God is faithful and if you confess your sins He forgives your sins.

Do you know you are blessed because your transgressions are forgiven? Do you remember whose blood covered your sins? Psalm 32:1

If you don’t, well then today is a good day to think about it.


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