January 31, 2012

I remember over 30 years ago when I wanted nothing more than a baby. I already had my son Scotty but I wanted to give him a sibling so bad. I prayed day and night just pleading with God for a child. Then suddenly I learn that I am going to have a baby and 27 years ago today I gave birth to her. I named her Chantel and I love her just as much as I love her brother Scotty and her sister Danielle. What makes Chantel’s birth so special is that doctors told me one year before she came into this world, that I would never get pregnant again.

I was so sad hearing that news, but I went to God in prayer and asked Him to do what medical science cannot. For this child I have prayed and the Lord God gave her to me. So on this day I like to rejoice not only in the birth of my daughter but in the mighty way God did answer prayer and show medical science that He has no limitations. He can go and do far more than they can imagine.

1 Sam. 1:27

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.


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