February 22, 2012-Ash Wednesday

Psalm 31:24
Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Today is Ash Wednesday and it is the start of Lent. Today is the first day of fasting and praying. During this time I am praying specifically for Gary. I am asking God to heal Gary’s memory or heal me and help me take care of Gary all of his days. This is a long road I have been on and I am so tired and worn down. Honestly, I hate to take pictures now because I can see the wear and tear on my face. This is why the next forty days are so important to me. Again, I am asking God to heal Gary but should that not be His will, I pray and ask God to help me. A tough prayer, but it is really all in God’s hands and this is why I pray.

Why do you pray? Why do you fast and pray? What is it you are hoping for? Can I help you pray for it? Write me or make a comment and share with the rest of us what you are fasting and praying for so we can pray with you. That is what this season of Lent is all about. We need to learn how to pray not just for ourselves but for others.

Today is the first day that we make this journey together and it can be hard, depending on what you have given up. My two daughters have chosen to change their diet to vegan during this Lent season. For forty days they will eat only that which comes from a plant. In this time of fasting and praying they are searching God for direction.

Tell me what you gave up and if you didn’t, then let this encourage you today to try. It will be hard but God does help us. Let us pray:

Father God, today is the first day of Lent and in this day I want to remind myself that what I give up I do so willingly and for You, Lord. Let what I surrender be a sacrifice acceptable and let what I do be glorifying unto You. This I pray in Jesus’ Name.


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