March 12, 2012

Blessed are you?
Matthew 5:4
Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.

Blessed means happy or highly praised, and in this case it is how God views us and not necessarily how we feel. Anyone of us who has mourned understand how unblessed we feel. God understands that and He is not trying to make light of our pain or suffering. Please read the entire verse. I will paraphrase it for you, “Be happy not because you mourn but because it is I who comforts you.” When we read it that way then we can begin to understand.

We can mourn for a lot of things. We can mourn over the loss of a loved one or we can mourn over the loss of a job. We can mourn over the loss of a friendship and we can mourn over the loss of fellowship. Many things will cause us to mourn and some types of mourning will be greater than others. Again, God understands all of those reasons and it is for all of those reasons that He rushes to us to comfort us while we mourn. We don’t always remember that so we turn to something else instead.

When I say we turn to something else, I mean something like another person, or a drink or a pill. Something and anything that we try to find comfort in, and the problem with that is the comfort is only temporary. Once the drink or drug wears off or the friend walks away, we are right back to where we left off and that is mourning.

Sometimes we go to God but then we leave His presence so we can distract ourselves and not feel the pain. I have found myself doing that a lot lately. I found that sometimes the mourning is so awful that I am tired of crying, so I get out of prayer to go eat a cookie or get on Facebook. I do anything to distract me and stop me from crying. Then this week God showed me something different. God showed me how to just stay in His presence and mourn and just let Him comfort me for as long as I needed to be comforted. You know what? It worked! Of course it worked, this is what He tells us to do and yet it is exactly what we don’t do. We are strange, we are His.

He loves us, and He cares deeply when we are hurting. Although the hurt cannot be taken away, He is there to comfort us through the hurt. Blessed I am indeed because the God of this entire universe is holding me. Let us pray.

Abba Father, how wonderful it is to know that it is You who are holding me. This I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.


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