March 19, 2012

Psalm 116:4
Then I called upon the name of the Lord; O Lord, I implore You, deliver my soul.

If you ever wonder how quickly the Lord comes running well let me tell you once again. I say once again because I told you all about the night Gary died and I called upon the Lord and He quickly came to our aid and because of that Gary is with me today. Well my daughter Danielle found out how quickly the Lord comes just last week and although like her mother, she hated what she had to go through. She is thankful that she has a Father in Heaven who comes rushing to the aid of His children.

Last Thursday my daughter Danielle was at her house with her two children and she had her sister’s children with her. It was a warm March day and her father bought the children a pool for outside and they were having a wonderful day. It was after dinner when Danielle let her dog out and Ernie was crying so she went to see what was wrong. The neighbor was out with all four of her dogs (2 of them are pit bulls) She asked Danielle a question and she stepped out of the house for one second to answer. As she did that the four toddlers escaped. As she came towards the children Mason her 21 month old son went around the patio the other way and as he came near the fence, one of the pit bulls reached through the fence grabbed him by his hand and yanked my grandson like a rag doll trying to get him in his own yard. My daughter ran quickly to her son and grabbed him and as she did she yelled, “God help me, God I need your help right now.” The pit bull who had his mouth clamped shut on my grandsons hand got his mouth pried open from his owner and Mason was set free.

Mason had several bites and he his entire arm is bruised from the shoulder down. He has scratches on his face and belly. My daughter has what appears to be a bite on her hand. Mason had no broken bones, no muscle damage or no tissue ripped. Danielle and Mason both witnessed the power of God in action. She called, He came and out of the mouth of a vicious animal came Mason with bites that will heal. You don’t often hear of pit bull attacks that end with someone living so this in itself is a miracle.

I share this story today for one very good reason. CALL ON JESUS. No matter what it is, when you call He comes running. Now don’t get me wrong here, God is Emmanuel and He is always with us. However, we live in a fallen world and natural evil happens to us all. When evil comes our way, call out for Jesus and trust me Jesus comes running. Danielle and I both agree, we would rather not have gone through the trauma but had we not we never would have seen Christ’s victory before our eyes.

Had I never seen Christ’s victory I could never share this with you and let you know that He does come to us in our time of need. Sometimes we go through things just so we can help one another. Let us pray.

Thank You Jesus for running quickly to Danielle and saving my grandson from the jaws of a vicious pit bull. The victory is Yours and we are thankful for that. In Jesus Name we pray.


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