April 6, 2012 Good Friday

John 19:30
So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His Spirit.

He gave up His Spirit. Jesus was not a murder victim. No one took His life, Jesus gave His life. Jesus gave His life for all of us so that we could be with Him in heaven for eternity. That is hard for us to wrap our minds around. We live in such a finite world that we see our lives as such but that is not true. Our lives are infinite and where we spend eternity depends on what choices we make today, while we have the choice to make. Jesus is there on the Cross and it is your sins He is bearing. He is telling you that He will love you so much that He will die for you. You only have to say I accept this sacrifice Jesus makes on my behalf, and I ask Him to take away all of my sins and cover me with His blood. Now does that sound too simple to be true? Well, it is simple and it is true. Jesus is there waiting for you just to accept Him.

Jesus gave up His Spirit so that He could claim yours. Let us pray.

Jesus, You did give Your Spirit up and You did die on the Cross for my sins. This is what Good Friday is all about. Jesus, I pray that You will forgive me for my sins and I do accept Your sacrifice and blood to cover me and make me righteous before You. Thank You for the Cross and thank You for all You have done for me. I do belong to You this day, this very Good Friday. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, I pray.


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