April 16, 2012

Love is longsuffering and kind. (1 Corinthians 13:4)

To be longsuffering and kind to the person you are married to may require that you are not longsuffering and kind to others. This concept doesn’t naturally occur to some but it is one I taught my children. If you open your Bibles up and read you will notice that the vow made between a husband and wife is a covenant relationship they enter into with God. It has a holy purpose. The purpose of the covenant marriage is to teach this fallen sinful world about the love Christ has for His Church. He is our Bridegroom and the Church is His Bride. Therefore it is imperative that each married couple understands fully the impact that they should have on this world. Gary and I were both previously married and divorced, so it was through mistakes we regret and confessed before God that we entered into a new union. Neither of us took this lightly and both of us met with the Pastor and explained what we learned and how we desired to honor God with this new covenant of marriage.

In the movie “The Vow,” the wife has lost 5 years of her long-term memory but has short-term memory. The last 5 years she has lost are the years she spent with her husband. As she is preparing to leave the hospital her parents and sister swoop in to collect her and bring her home. The doctor does explain that the best place for this woman to be is at her home with her husband. Her parents balk at this because their daughter does not remember this man, and this is how they sinfully separate husband and wife. It is a sin because in the marriage vows we claim that only God can separate husband and wife and that is through death. All other attempts to end the marriage are the work of Satan.

I guess we can say that it is understandable that the parents would want their child back. Who among us would not want to take care of our child? However, and this is a big however, if your child is married then it is their spouse who takes care of them and not the parent. The same theory goes to siblings. I have mulled this over a few times and wondered myself if Gary is better off living with his brother Guy. This was suggested to me by a “family friend” and I did give it thought. Then God spoke to me loudly and clearly and this is what He said:

I AM Sovereign, I knew Gary was single for over 15 years and I chose you to be his wife. I knew that Gary would die suddenly in bed, I woke you up. I knew that Gary would lose oxygen to his brain, I knew he would have a brain injury. I woke him up from the coma, I have healed him thus far. I AM Sovereign and it is only I who can separate a husband and wife. Had I wanted you separate Gary would have died, you would have slept through to the morning and the separation would be final. I did not choose that path for you, I chose this one. This is the path I put you on, walk on my path and do not listen to any other voice. If a day comes when you and Gary must live separate, I and I alone will let you know. Satan speaks through the weak but you are strong in Me.

I want you all to remember that I am talking specifically on the covenant of marriage and the vow we take when we get married. In relation to that I will repeat what I already said. Love is longsuffering and kind and required for your spouse in your marriage. It is not required for any person who threatens those vows. God requires us to move with haste when the enemy attacks. This is what I did and that is how I got God’s answer. He is Sovereign!


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