Love never fails

! Cor. 13:8
Love never fails

One of the devotional readers asked me a very good question and that is why I post the negative words spoken to me and not any of the positive. I have to be honest with you; she really spoke the words God wanted me to hear. Why do I? I asked a mental health provider and she told me that is because hate is such a strong emotion that it over powers all the others. Now this chapter in Corinthians makes perfect sense and we all know and understand what is being taught. Love the only thing in this world which cannot fail is the one thing we push out of our way for hate.

This week was a rough week for me. In fact in this week two separate women said something very mean to me but…but this week over 100 people have said something sweet, positive, loving and nurturing to me. It is those who allowed God to speak through them and give to me words of encouragement.

I want to thank all of the men and women who support me in this horrific time of my life. I cannot tell you how much joy your words of encouragement mean to me. They always come at a time when I am feeling down and pick me up. They show up in my mailbox seconds after some discouraging thought has come to my mind. I then turn my thoughts back to God and thank Him for what I read and for lifting my soul up. This week after hearing the words of meanness came a thousand words of sweetness and I thanked God for all of them.

Gary’s brain injury is permanent and that is being confirmed over and over by the doctors. I serve a God who can do far more than the impossible. I also serve a God who can choose to leave Gary this way. Either way, He is still the God I serve. God showed me -then reminded me that heartless people will always be with me. However, loving and supportive people will be there to and I just have to learn to let their words drown out the hateful words. I have to be more intentional about telling all of you what happiness a good word brings to a person who is hurting.

Love never fails, it can be pushed out of the way and replaced by hate but it is always there waiting to be brought right back. God’s love never fails and He calls upon us to love one another in the same way. I know that Gary has no memory of me. However, Gary does remember that I am his wife and that we are married. He tells me often that he knows he loves me and it is just on his bad days when he forgets all that. He will have good and bad days the rest of his life. All I can say to that: love never fails and his love for me will always be there and my love for him will always be there and God’s love for us will always be there. LOVE NEVER FAILS-PRAISE GOD.


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