June 11, 2012

Esther 2:11
And every day Mordecai paced in front of the court of the women’s quarters, to learn of Esther’s welfare and what was happening to her.

Esther was loved by her cousin Mordecai. The evidence of that love is found in this passage. I know exactly how Mordecai felt. Gary is in residential care, and every minute of my day I wonder if he is doing well. Of course, we have modern technology available to us and Gary and I can call each other. Gary does call me and sometimes it is over 50 times in one day. The calls last for about a minute and most of them are just repeating what he said before, but I don’t mind. This is the only time I get to speak with him so I thank God for this opportunity.

The only opportunity Mordecai had to hear about Esther was to go to the court of the women’s quarters and inquire about her. This is a two-sided story. We tend to rush right away to Esther but right here we see the heart of her cousin. He had the responsibility of raising a child that was not his own, and we don’t know if he was married and had other children. Scripture does not tell us this information. We know he is anxious over Esther. The word “paced” is evidence of that truth and he is anxious for good reason. At any time the king can summon Esther, then discard her to live the rest of her life in his harem.

On the outside looking in this is a very difficult situation for Mordecai. He must be asking God over and over, “Why?” Why would God first take from Esther her parents and now take from her, her very own freedom? Why would God make her a concubine? Mordecai is thinking how unfair all of this is and yet God is allowing it to happen. I understand that “why” because I ask that of God every day. Gary was a single parent for 15 years and wanted desperately to find someone to fall in love with and marry. He dated a few, and got dangerously close with a wrong woman and managed to escape before it was too late before God had us meet. I pace in this house every day asking God why, so I really do understand why Mordecai is pacing.

Again I will ask the question of where is God? Is God there with Mordecai and Esther? Has God deserted them? I planned on answering that question this week but then I ran into this verse with Mordecai, so we will just keep going forward to find out those answers. Stick with me, I am getting there and so are they.


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