July 2, 2012

Esther 3:5 NKJV
When Haman saw that Mordecai did not bow or pay him homage, Haman was filled with wrath.

Haman is lucky enough to be promoted and in this promoted state it is ordered that all should bow down before him, and all do. Well, almost all do, evidently Mordecai doesn’t and that one person is just enough to set Haman off in a tizzy. Oh, this is exactly what I want to talk about today. All of us who get ourselves all worked up over those who do not find us cute, loveable or as friends. Those people who talk about us, disagree with us and don’t like us. I am talking about the people who get under our skin, worm their way through our brains and camp out in our thoughts.
The question I have for you is this: Do you know how someone gets under your skin or into your brain? The answer here is simple: You Allow Them! You put them there all on your own. This is a great secret that I learned after 50 years on this earth. I will use Haman today to show how that happens.

The king promoted Haman and that is very good news for Haman. This had to bring him such a great feeling of success and pride. This is great news and he should be very happy with his promotion. The entire kingdom bows down before him. What a big man he became and all his hard work has finally paid off. There is one man, one man out of thousands upon thousands, who refuses to bow down. This man is not important to the king or to the community. This man is not important to Haman or his family. This is just one man among thousands who will not bow down. Why does this one man bug Haman? I mean truth be told, Mordecai is insignificant.

It bugs Haman because he lets it bug him. Instead of just walking away from Mordecai and letting the offense roll off his back, Haman internalizes the insult. The longer that insult sits within Haman the more treacherous the man becomes.

We do the same. Someone says something rude to us or shows their dislike for us in some way, and we go home and replay that one single event over and over in our minds. Before we know it that one moment takes up a lot of our thoughts, and that is a lot of moments we forfeit over someone who doesn’t give us a second thought. We justify this by trying to think of other moments we may have with them when we come out on top or better. That is what our mind does with this sin activity. It makes good use out of our imagination. The only problem is that it is only in our mind, and when we come back to reality we are still no better off and maybe even a little bit more angrier with that person.

Where is God in all of this? God is going to use this offense to bring about His glory. However, before He does I think God wants us to learn a lesson from Haman. I think God is trying to teach us not to think too highly of ourselves and believe that every person on this earth is going to find us adorable and lovable. When we run into those people, and we will run into those people, we have to learn how to just let what they say or do pass right over us. If they offended us we pray to God and ask Him to help us forgive them, and then forget them.
Easier said than done I know, and next week we will see the outcome of Haman’s foolishness.


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