Archive | January 16, 2013

Don’t be a Joseph

Today’s Reading Genesis 36 & 37

Today’s Verse: Genesis 37: 5

Once Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more.

Nobody likes the favored child for two reasons. One, they want to be favored and two, the favored child usually holds it over the others that they are favored. This is exactly what happens in the story of Joseph. Josephs is the 11th son born to Israel (Jacob) Israel loves Joseph so much because he came from his favorite wife Rachel. Israel loved Joseph so much that he gave to him and only to him a special garment to wear to signify his importance to his father. Joseph was also his fathers snitch. Israel would send Joseph in the fields to spy on his brothers and bring back to their father a report. Joseph loved this attention and the spot light. The eleven boys born before him didn’t.

As children of God we tend to be rather smug in our standing. We proudly tells others we are going to heaven, we worship the One true God, we have Jesus in our lives. While all of this is true it is not pride or boasting that should come from our lips but invitations to join in and share in the same relationship. It should always be our goal to encourage others to want to be favored by God and called His own. If we are off putting we will be hated. We need to be gracious and loving and most of all inviting.

This means we can’t start any gospel sharing message with a list of do’s and do not’s. We should never point out their sins and tell them how wrong they are no matter how wrong they are! Jesus did not walk up to people and confront them in this way. Jesus walked and when He sees them He invites them to walk with Him or dine with Him. He is invitational and He is God so He has all the right to be judgmental but He isn’t. We need to really read and learn from Him and not from self righteous people.

Joseph behaved so badly that his own brothers wanted to kill him. Try not to behave that way.