A little behind, sorry

Today’s read is Genesis 36-41

I am sorry that I am giving you an extra long read, but I promise it is an interesting and fast read. This is the story of when Joseph is sold by his brothers and eventually ends up in Egypt. If you remember the last post I had it was when Jacob is called Israel and Israel is born. Now in these passages we read how Israel came to Egypt. It is important that you note the way they come because it establishes them here in this country and lays the ground work for the book of Exodus.

In the middle of our chapters we read about Judah and Tamar and that is a very strange story. Neither of them are in the right and both are sinfully wrong. What I want you to take from that is God can and does redeem us and He will use all of what we do the good and the bad for His purpose. Now this does not mean that you can go out and sin and God will use it, I am just telling you that God can use you even though you sin. He can take the bad and make it for good and we will read more about that tomorrow with Joseph. God knows we are humans and sinful and fallen. He is not surprised by our sins, He is saddened not surprised. He will take our sins and toss them as far as the east is from the west and He will redeem us but nothing will stop the will of God and if God wills it than it shall be done regardless of our actions.

Joseph is sold and ends up first in Potiphars house and then in jail and now he is moved to Pharaoh’s and is 2nd in command. Most of us are familiar with this story thanks to Andrew Lloyd Weber and his play. We know that God interprets the dreams of the butler and baker for Joseph and later on God interprets the dreams for Joseph with Pharaoh. All of this is what puts Joseph in the right place at the right time.

I especially like these chapters because they happened to be read by me while I was moving and now am closer to take care of Gary. Gary lives in residential treatment center and I live in a town home. How God moved me in this direction and on this path and then provided every day is…. well it is amazing because it is God and only God can do something this amazing. That is what we will read about tomorrow with Joseph and his brothers.

I am sorry that I was away for so long, I was moving and got behind. I am back and I hope you understand and I thank you for sticking with me.

God bless

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