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August 27, 2012

Numbers 33: 1-2
Here are the stages in the journey of the Israelites when they came out of Egypt by divisions under the leadership of Moses and Aaron. At the Lord’s command Moses recorded the stages in their journey by stages.

Read Numbers 33

What I love the most about today’s verses is not only did God command the Israelites to journey in stages, He also commanded Moses to record the journey in stages. God wanted Moses to keep an accurate account of how He moved the Jews from one place to another. Why is that important? I believe it is important because He wants to show us that His timing is perfect. I know that when a change of direction happens to us that sometimes we feel blindsided; but God is showing us through His Word that He does not sucker punch His children. He prepares them and He moves them in stages, slowly and only what they can handle for that day.

This is very important for us to remember because life seems to go by quickly, especially when we are preoccupied with a lot of distractions. Some of our distractions can be good and joyful, like the birth of a baby or a marriage. Other distractions can be devastating like the loss of a job or a serious illness. Even a marriage which fails and ends doesn’t do so overnight. Everything moved accordingly to God’s will in time. The path we see behind these distractions will show us how slowly God took us and even how well He cared for our needs.

Just knowing how carefully God takes care of us should give us a sense of peace. In fact we lose that feeling of peace when we take our eyes off of God and allow Satan to convince us that God just pulled the carpet out from underneath our feet. We have to learn how to be better fighters against a lie. We need to learn how to tell Satan to shut up and how to listen to God and allow Him to show us how He tenderly took care of our needs. He did and He always will, and He may not fill our needs as we thought but in retrospect He will fill them much greater.

Another lesson we should pull from this is to never try to rush God and rush to the end of a trail in our life. Jesus said today’s worries are enough and don’t borrow tomorrow’s for tomorrow worries will come.(Matthew 6:34) In this Jesus is teaching us once again that His time, the stages he brings us through, are the stages we should not try to get out of or rush through. Each stage serves a purpose and in those stages God is teaching us something about Him and something about us.

Where are you on your path? I am still walking a very troubled path but the good news is, the very good news is that God is here with me and He always will be. So it really doesn’t matter where I am on this walk, because I walk with God.